Establo San Rafael, Costa Rica

I spent five weeks at this beautiful place nestled in the mountains of central Costa Rica, on a work/trade internship learning about natural horsemanship. Also operating as a B&B, this place has so much to offer from great company, hot weather, tranquil hammock time and of course – everything horsey! As a beginner to natural horsemanship, this was an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience to spend all day, every day in the company of 10 beautiful Costa Rican horses and ponies, learning how to interact with them in a natural cruelty-free way. Truly the best way to start off my big adventure, I had the best time at this place and was very sad to leave, although I will definitely be going back! The owners Brenda and Abel are truly wonderful people, and with Brenda’s horse knowledge and Abels cooking, you are bound to have an amazing experience! I believe that working with animals is good for the soul and I found it to be a very healing experience where I learned a lot about myself, while forming some special bonds with a few horses in particular. Fenway the goat was definitely a highlight – the friendliest goat you will ever meet! And custard the chicken who used to come up to my bedroom door every morning for a morning cuddle. I really enjoyed getting into the liberty work with a cheeky little pony called Aldeano, and going on beautiful mountainous trail rides around the neighbourhood. The pool was also a fantastic way to cool off in the sometimes-unbearable Costa Rican heat! I truly got a feel for the Costa Rican ‘Pura Vida’ while at Establo San Rafael and plan to return one day soon. But for now, off to my next adventure in Central America.

The view from the main house
Altivo out on the trail
Hammock time with Loki the dog
Coconut the horse
IMG_2987 3
The patio
Los Chorros Cataratas

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